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The Institute Of Applied Energetics Offers a free, no service fee, lay-away payment plan for all of its training programs.*

Shop for what you want, make a down payment and open the door to the world of intuition and subtle energy. You can take up to two years to pay, interest free!


How Can I Set Up A Layaway Payment Plan

Contact the Institute Of Applied Energetics to establish a layaway account. We will collect all of your information over the phone or via email. A layaway contract will be created just for you. All you need to do is complete a few details and send it back to us. It is that simple!


How Long Is the Institute Of Applied Energetics Layaway Program

The Institute Of Applied Energetics’ offers an affordable payment plan to meet everyone’s budget. Our no cost layaway programs can last for 4, 12, 18 or 24 months depending on the training programs selected.

Once your last payment is made, or you reach a payment milestone, your course materials will be sent to you so you can begin or continue your studies.


How Are Payments Made

Upon receipt of this signed layaway contract, the supplied credit card will be charged for the total amount of the down payment. The first monthly payment will be automatically charged to the same credit card account starting the month after the initial down payment is made. Additional payments be will automatically charged to the same account each subsequent month until the training is paid in full. Contact the Institute Of Applied Energetics for any credit card changes.


When Will I Receive My Training Materials

You will not have to wait for the entire contract to be completed before you can receive of your training materials. Once specific payment milestones are reached you are eligible to receive a partial delivery of your course work. This will let you get begin your journey as you continue investing in yourself. See our Sample Payment Plans.


What Would Be My Monthly Payments – Sample Payment Plans

Take advantage of our amazing prices and affordable payment plans. Click here for more details.


What If I Want To Continue My Education

Students who have successfully completed any of our training courses are eligible to continue on with their studies. If you are an existing student, please contact the Institute Of Applied Energetics for additional details. Custom payment plans are available!


What If I Miss A Payment

Students must notify the Institute Of Applied Energetics of any changes made to the authorized credit card. If payment is not available for collection for any given month, the signer is responsible for an additional $25.00 late fee – which will be added to the monthly payment amount being charge that month. If two consecutive monthly installments are not received by the Institute Of Applied Energetics, the layaway contract will be canceled and the installments received will not be refunded.


Can I Cancel My Layaway Contract

Yes, you can cancel your layaway contract. You will receive a refund for payments made less any materials received per your payment milestones. A cancelation fee and a $50.00 service fee will also be charged.


*Payment plans are not available for sale or discounted training programs.


Contact The Insitutute

Contact Us: Send A Message To Dr. Rita Louise






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