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Individual Courses

Further Your Growth With Bonus Courses from the Institute Of Applied Energetics


Chromotherapy: Using Color To Promote Healing

Chromotherapy or color therapy uses light and color to bring about a state of health and healing in the body. Everyone knows how good it feels to take a walk out in nature. As we breathe in fresh air, the sun recharges our “batteries” leaving us feeling alive and refreshed. This individual course provides students with an introduction to color and color therapy, its history and many uses.


Crystal Therapy: The Art Of Placement

Crystal Therapy works directly with the light, color, beauty of the mineral kingdom to help restore balance to the physical and non-physical bodies. In this individual course, students will explore the use of crystals as a therapeutic tool. They will cover information such as how to select and maintain crystals and how to perform a variety of crystal healings.


Legal Guidelines For The Healing Arts Practitioner

For more than a century, each State has exercised their power to protect public health and safety by regulating the practice of certain professions. These requirements vary State by State, thus making it important to know and understand your legal standing, especially in the State you are planning to own and operate your business. This individual course explores the legal options surrounding work as an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive counselor or medical intuitive.


Remote Viewing

First developed by the government in the 1970’s, Remote Viewing is a data collection skill, where the viewer gathers information about things and events that lie outside his or her normal awareness, intellect and five senses. In this individual course, students will learn specific strategies for providing information about a place, object, person or activity without any prior knowledge of the “target” or item they are exploring.