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Spiritual Healing for Personal Growth Training

Course Descriptions
Spiritual Healing For Personal Growth



The Spiritual Healing for Personal Growth training consists of over 100 hours of both hand-on and textbook training. This unique combination will satisfy the intellectual parts of your psyche by providing you with concrete concepts, theories and terminology. It also is loaded with proven hands-on techniques that will help you experience, practice and validate your intuitive and healing abilities first hand.


Courses included are:


Opening To Spiritual GuidanceOpening To Spiritual Guidance

All of us have had moments when we have suddenly become aware of answers or solutions that were invisible to us before. This course will instruct students how to tap into universal intuitive information and assist them in opening themselves up to their spiritual healing and guidance. It provides tools for personal transformation and helps to accelerate the student’s personal evolution and self-growth.



Opening To IntuitionOpening To Intuition

We all receive “telepathic” information all of the time. In Part II of this course, students will learn how to bring the unconscious into consciousness as they tap into their intuition. They will find out how to recognize and control the messages they pick up. In addition, they will discover how to recognize the healing energy around them, tune into other’s energy and explore simple techniques to assist in healing themselves spiritually.



Intuition & Energy MedicineIntuition & Energy Medicine

Intuition is a direct knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. This course will introduce you to the basic concepts, terms and vocabulary used when working on intuitive and spiritual healing levels. Topics covered include the 4 types of intuitive abilities, an introduction to the energy body and exercises to help you to begin to explore the realm of intuition and energy medicine.



Techniques In Energy Medicine ITechniques In Energy Medicine I

Since the earliest of times, the laying on of hands has been used to help restore individuals to a state of health and harmony – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Students will begin to explore the world of energy medicine by learning simple spiritual healing techniques and procedures for the laying on of hands as a means of self-healing.




Over the years, many people have heard the term grounded or grounding. Grounding the body helps to re-balance its electrical systems and provides a way in which to discharge limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions. In this course students will examine, experience and practice grounding as an energetic tool to facilitate the movement and release of subtle energy from the body.



Creating Your Sacred SpaceCreating Your Sacred Space

Your Sacred Space is the place where we can reconnect with ourselves and spirit. It is a place where we can find inner peace and healing. It is somewhere we can go during times of stress to let go of all that concerns us. In this course, students will learn to create and clear this space, and discover the calming and relaxing effect it has on the body.



Experiencing The ChakrasExperiencing The Chakras

The chakras are energy centers within the subtle body that send, receive and process information from the world around us. The functioning of the chakras is critical to our sustained health and well-being. Here, students will be introduced to the function, location and abilities of the seven major chakras. In addition, they will find out how to intuitively evaluate and heal their own chakras.



Working With The AuraWorking With The Aura

The aura is an energy field that surrounds any living thing and is unseen to the naked eye. It is often referred to as our personal space. In this course, students will become acquainted with the look, feel and function their aura. They will learn how to use spiritual healing to control its size and shape to facilitate energy movement and healing.



Running Life Force EnergyRunning Life Force Energy

We are all filled with life force energy. This energy flows through our bodies making us feel alive and vibrant. We have all experienced this feeling after exercising or dancing, sitting on the beach or listening to a favorite piece of music. In the following course, students will learn how to use spiritual healing to run energy through the major energy channels that flow through the body.



Healing & Energy WorkHealing And Energy Work

In energy medicine, energy is the medicine. In this course, students will have the opportunity to use energy medicine techniques to bring health, healing and wholeness into their lives. With specific healing techniques, they will learn how to clear stagnant energy from their subtle bodies. The use of energy healing as a means of personal growth expand our body, minds and souls.



Energetic ProtectionEnergetic Protection

Personally or professionally speaking, boundaries are important in order to have healthy relationships. In this course, students will learn how to identify, create and maintain boundaries in their personal lives, both consciously and energetically. They will discover what healthy boundaries are, how to identify when their boundaries are crossed and how to protect their energetic space.



Creating Safe Work EnvironmentCreating A Safe Work Environment

Having a safe and effective place to work is always important. By working with the energy in our environment, we can reduce the amount of resistance we are experiencing. This can help facilitate any and all of our intuitive and healing work. In this course, students will learn how to influence the energy of a room or physical location to enhance their work.


Wrapping It UpWrapping It Up

A review of materials covered in the Spiritual Healing For Personal Growth training.




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